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What About Us Anyway?

We are group of Canadian business people, food industry professionals, and individuals who know that eating together is fundamental to a good life. What they say about breaking bread together is true – it’s hard to eat if you feel animosity towards each other.

We’re concerned that we’re too busy. That our lives are scheduled too tightly. So many influences in the last 25 years have created who we are and how we do things. Especially technology. It’s not going to change. But it also doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate the old with the new.

We advocate taking time away from these routines and setting aside one day. The conversation is different when you do the dishes together than when you drive back and forth to soccer or figure skating lessons. See if we’re not right.

We don’t know if Bring Back Sunday Supper will solve world peace but dammit, we are going to try – one meal at a time.

Why Sunday?

It’s the one we grew up with – the one with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and often, a bunch of friends. But any supper, any table, any day of the week, with people you care about, is good.

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